Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Many Sides to Kim Kardashian

There are many sides to Kim Kardashian…
and thanks to her recent exposure in Paper Magazine, 
the world has seen them all…
her back side and front side.
(And to think we thought she was overexposed before this.)

Gotta give the girl credit…
she actually tried to break the internet.
Unfortunately for Kim, 
she came down on the dark side of FAIL.
Don't you just hate it when you 
try to break the internet…
and the dang thang won't break?
Even after stripping down…
being photographed naked, 
with her massive ass sunny side up,
the internet continues to chug along.
(Next time Kim might want to try putting the internet between her buttocks 
and give it a good squeeze...
that just might break it.)

So what happened after K.K. tried to break the internet?
She became the butt of all jokes.
ba dum dum

I like to look on the bright side...
 parodies like these 
have me splitting a side 
from laughter.

Time to take out the trash.


Kim may be a thorn in our pop culture side,
 but for some reason many continue to be fascinated by her. 
Kim knows what side her bread is buttered on, 
so she must feel like she has to keep revealing more and more of herself.
(She probably used the same butter for her photo shoot. 
I'm pretty sure her ass isn't that shiny in real life.)

Some might want to scold Kim, 
up one side and down the other,
 for deciding to do the photoshoot.

I'm thinking she just woke up one day on the wrong side
of the West bed and didn't give it any thought.

I come down on the side of 
K.K. ignorance...
she should have erred on the side of caution. 

time (along with oil) is on Kim's side...
before some other attention-seeking publicity stunt
grabs the spotlight.

Apparently, some people will do anything for attention…

pose necckked
write blogs…...

(See ya on your flip side, Kim.)

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